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Using CSS
Cascading Style Sheets allow you to make global changes to the look and feel of your site all within a single file.

Dynamic HTML is a standard method used to create specific effects within your site using a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Using HTML Transitional
The transitional standard of HTML allows older sites to approach new industry standards without complete rewrites.

Design Standards

Like many technologies, the internet has its own system of standards. The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C is the governing body that monitors and develops web standards. Companies such as Microsoft, Mozzila and Apple all create their web browsers to render web pages according to these standards.

Unfortunately, not all versions and brands of web browsers render a given page the same. In some cases, an entire page of a given web site may not ever display.

For example, a web company may develop a site that looks fantastic and functions perfectly when viewed within Internet Explorer on a Windows system. This in fact may be the same system setup that the receiving client views their completed site in before they give the final OK and the site goes live. Then a customer using a different browser views the site, but can't view all of the buttons on the navigation bar, or may not see a very important message in their shopping cart.

This is where designing to web standards comes into play. By incorporating the current industry web standards into your design, your site can achieve true cross-browser compatibility.

Another important benefit to designing with web standards is the flexibility, expandability and mobility of your site. Feature enhancements, upgrades and maintenance becomes more easily managed. Moving from one hosting company to another is possible with little or no changes to the site.